Luis Tosar
Versión en español

Luís Tosar… Hamlet
Manuel Manquiña… Poloño
Gonzalo M. Uriarte… Horacio
Víctor Mosqueira… Laertes - Actor II
Miguel Pernas… Rei
Flor Maceiras… Raíña
Xosé Vilarelle… Rosencrantz - Funny man 1
Manuel Areoso… Guildenstern - Funny man 2
Iolanda Muíños… Ofelia
Montse Piñón… Cortesana-Actress
Lino Braxe… Fortimbrás
Xavier Estévez… Osric - Oficial
José Luís López “Sacha”… Sailor – Official - Actor I
Tuto Vázquez… off voice

Author: William Shakespeare
Version: Lino Braxe
Director: Lino Braxe
Set designer: Antonio G. Simón
Costume designer: Marta Anta
Lighting designer:  Miguel L. Soto
Attrezzo: Rodrigo G. Roel


Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'Foto 'Hamlet'

HAMLET tragedy, one of the greatest William Shakespeare’s plays, was adapted to Galician language, directed by Lino Braxe, produced by RTA Produccións and represented in Galicia in 2006.

This adaptation of the classic play is set in Demark Kingdom in 1940. Hamlet prince suspects that his uncle Claudio is the author of his father’s assassination to have the power, the kingdom and his mother’s love, Gertrud Queen. His fear is confirmed when his father’s ghost appears to reveal what his uncle Claudio planned. In that moment, Hamlet plots the revenge. Meanwhile, II Reich Army advances to Danish frontiers with General Fortinbrás at head.