Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel A Opera dos tres reás


Luis Tosar … Mackie Messer
César Goldi …Jackie Tiger Brown, Beggar, Old whore
Alba Messa … Lucy Brown
Víctor Mosqueira …Happy crippled, Robert the Saw, Smith
Mónica de Nut … Jenny, Jimmy II, Mackie child
Marcos Orsi …Jonathan Jeremias Peachum
Marta Pazos …Wally the Weeper, Bag’s crazy, Smith
Francisco Pérez “Narf”…Hook-Finger Jacob, The Street Blind Singer
Muriel Sánchez … Polly Peachum
Begoña Santalices …Mrs Peachum
Sergio Zearreta …Filch, Patacón Smith


Authors: Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill
Director: Quico Cadaval
Music director: Diego García Rodríguez
Text translation and songs version: Pepe Sendón
Set and lighting designer: Baltasar Patiño
Costume designer: Carlos Alonso
Singing direction: Ramón Bermejo
Music coordinator: Suso Alonso
Assistant director: Nuria Sanz
Choreographer: Mónica García
Make-up and Hair: Trini Fernández Silva
Video: Quique Otero
Still photographer: Francisco Arnoso “Pixi”
Graphic designer: Juan Gallego
Costume coordinator: Cloti Vaello
Production and Direction Department crew: Belém Brandido, Víctor Carbajales, Anabell Gago, Catia Lopes, José Díaz, Carmen Fernández
Production: Centro Dramático Galego


Suso Alonso, Rui Bandeira, Pablo Castaño, Andrew McNeill, Saúl Puga, David Rodríguez, Adrián Viñas and Vadzim Yukhnevich.
Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'Foto 'La Ópera de los tres reales'

In a world of crime, crisis, prostitution, poverty and abuse, a popular criminal, Mackie Messer, seduces The King of Beggar’s daughter.

Play action is developed in forty-five hours of a city strained by ambition, dreams, betrayal, meanness, desire, torture and beauty. But peripeties started early before, during the crook Mackie The Knife’s childhood, who played cops and robbers, procures and bankers with his friends. It was when Mackie became a leader. Nothing can stop him in his successful crimes, until he marries with Polly Peachum, the king of beggar’s daughter. This is the beginning of the end, but before he leaves a memorable phrase: ‘What is robbing a bank compared to founding a bank?’