Luis Tosar
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The Ellas The Ellas The Ellas The Ellas The Ellas The Ellas The Ellas The Ellas
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1. Luka

2. Knowing me, knowing you

3. Hanging on the telephone

The origin of THE ELLAS was in 90’s, in Lugo. Los Contentos was a referent band in the city. Piti Sanz was part of them, and Luis Tosar was a follower.

Both will meet later in Los Huana band; Luis Tosar was part of the band and Piti Sanz joined after Los Contentos was dissolved. Luis and Piti moved to Santiago de Compostela and the band broke up, but they joined again creating a new project called MAGICAL BROTHERS, a mix of theatre, cabaret and rock and roll.

Finally, from their own union and involving some famous Galician musicians as Iván Laxe (bass guitar), Suso Alonso (piano) and Ro Muñoz (drums) THE ELLAS was created.  They made their debut in 2008, with a repertoire of songs versions performed by women bands.

In 2010, THE ELLAS develop (when they compose their own songs, with a music style defined by the band as POWER-ROCK) to DI ELAS. They made their debut in March of 2011 with his first album called DI ELAS.