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1. Esa luz (This light)

The song ESA LUZ (THIS LIGHT) is created from a verse of three lines that Luis Tosar hummed in the film THE NIGHT OF THE BROTHER (LA NOCHE DEL HERMANO) (2005), directed by Santiago García de Leániz; written by Luis Tosar and composed by Piti Sanz.

In 2007 the composers developed the composition from the verse for the Original Soundtrack of the film MATAHARIS, directed by Iciar Bollain, and produced by Producciones La Iguana and Sogecine.

Title: ESA LUZ
Composers: Luis Tosar, Piti Sanz and Santiago García de Leániz.
Performed by: Luis Tosar (voice), Piti Sanz (guitar, piano, percussion, vocal), Iván Laxe (double bass) y Ro Muñoz (drums).

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