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1. Carne de cañón al chilindrón

... And All Is Vanity (…Y todo es vanidad) is a tribute of songwriter Javier Krahe, originally edited in 2004.
The album commemorates 25 years of Krahe music career, who made his debut in 1979, in a concert bar called La Aurora, in Madrid, with Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio.
Some artists of different music styles review his songbook: rock artists as Rosendo or Julián Hernández; flamenco singers as Enrique Morente or Diego El Cigala, songwriters as Joaquín Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat and even some actors and actresses as Santiago Segura, Pilar Bardem and Luis Tosar.
The album is completed with a documentary called THIS LIFE IS NOT A PRIVATE LIFE (ESTA VIDA NO ES LA VIDA PRIVADA) by Javier Krahe, directed by Ana Murgarren and Joaquín Trincado.

Title: Carne de Cañón Al Chilindrón
Composers: Javier Krahe and Ciro Fogliatta
Performers: Pilar Bardem and Luis Tosar

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