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DI ELAS is a power-rock band that could be born in 1993 after "Los Contentos" (The Happies) by Piti Sanz and "Los Huana" by Luis Tosar.

It was not the time, and during those years Piti and Luis meet Iván Laxe, from “Skornabois” band, and Suso Alonso from “Psicofónica de Conxo” band, and Ro Muñoz from “Groovefathers” band, well-known Galician musician and also linked with audiovisual area, but it still was not the moment.

During those years Piti and Luis shared experiences with “Goldi” on the stages, they were called “Magical Brothers”.

In 2008 all of them joined with the name of “The Ellas”, live performing, playing songs of bands leaded by women, creating an original sound as a band that will take them to 2010 to compose their own songs. Now they are DI ELAS.

DI ELAS are:

Luis Tosar, guitar and vocal.
Piti Sanz, guitar.
Iván Laxe, bass guitar.
Suso Alonso, piano.
“Ro” Muñoz, drums.

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