Luis Tosar
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Filmography - Film

2016“1898: Los últimos de Filipinas”Directed by Salvador Calvo (filming).
2016“Plan de Fuga”Directed by Iñaki Dorronsoro (post-production).
2016“Toro”Directed by Kike Maíllo.
2016 “Cien Años de Perdón”Directed by Daniel Calparsoro.
2015 “Retribution”Directed by Dani de la Torre.
2015 “Ma Ma”Directed by Julio Médem.
2015 "A cambio de nada"Directed by Daniel Guzmán.
2014 “Shrew's nest”Directed by Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel.
2014 "Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades"Directed by Isaki Lacuesta.
"A Night In Old Mexico" Directed by Emilio Aragón.
2014 "El Niño"Directed by Daniel Monzón.
2014 "Los Fenómenos" Directed by Alfonso Zarauza.
2012 "A gun in each hand" Directed by Cesc Gay.
2012"Operación E"Directed by Miguel Courtois.
2012 "Qué Pena Tu Familia"Directed by Nicolás López.
2011"Sleep Tight"Directed by Jaume Balagueró.
2010"Even The Rain"Directed by Iciar Bollain. Nominated Goya Award Best Lead.
2010 "Lope"Directed by Andrucha Waddington.
2010 "18 Meals"Directed by Jorge Coira.
"Mr Nice"Directed by Bernard Rose.
2009"Celda 211"Directed by Daniel Monzón. Goya Mejor Actor Protagonista.
2009"O Apóstolo"Directed by Fernando Cortizo.
2009 "Crebinsky"Directed by Enrique Otero.
2009"The Limits Of Control"Directed by Jim Jarmusch.
2008" La Noche que Dejó De Llover"Directed by Alfonso Zarauza.
2007"Hotel Tívoli"Directed by Antxón Reixa.
2007"Casual Day"Directed by Max Lemcke.
2006"Miami Vice"Directed by Michael Mann.
2006"Celia's Lives"Directed by Antonio Chavarrías.
2006"Cargo"Directed by Clive Gordon.                                        
2005"The Night of the Brother"Directed by Santiago García Directed by Leániz.
2004"Unconscious"Directed by Joaquín Oristrell.
2004"Your next life"Directed by Manolo Gutiérrez Aragón. European Film Awards 2004, Nominated as Best Actor.
2003"The Weakness of the Bolshevik" Directed by Manuel Martín Cuenca.
2003"The Carpenter's pencil"Directed by Antón Reixa.
2003"Take my eyes" Directed by Iciar Bollain.  Goya Award Best Lead Actor, and Silver Seashell Best Lead Actor in San Sebastian              International Film Festival.
2002"Thirteen Chimes"Directed by Xavier VillaverDirected by .
2002"Mondays of the Sun"Directed by Fernando León. Goya Awards 2003, Best Supporting Actor.
2001"Visionarios"Directed by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón.
2001"Don't Tempt Me"Directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes.
2000"Leo"Directed by José Luis Borau.
2000"Kisses For Everyone"Directed by Jaime Chavarri.
2000"I Know Who You Are"Directed by Patricia Ferreira.
2000" Heart of the Warrior"Directed by Daniel Monzón.
1999"Jealousy"Directed by Vicente Aranda.
1999"Flowers From Another World"Directed by Iciar Bollain. Goya Awards 2000, nomitated as Best New Actor.