Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Los lunes al sol
Javier Bardem… Santa
Luis Tosar… José
José Ángel Egido… Lino
Nieve de Medina… Ana
Enrique Villén… Reina
Celso Bugallo… Amador
Joaquín Climent… Rico
Aida Folch… Nata
Serge Riaboukine… Serguei
Laura Domínguez… Ángela
Pepo Oliva… Samuel
Fernando Tejero… Lázaro

Director: Fernando León de Aranoa
Screenplay: Fernando León de Aranoa and Ignacio del Moral
Producer: Elías Querejeta, Jaume Roures
Original Music: Lucio Godoy
Cinematographer: Alfredo Mayo
Editor: Nacho Ruiz-Capillas
Casting Director: Luis San Narciso
Line Producer: Gregorio Hebrero
Production Designer: Julio Esteban
Costume Designer: Maiki Marín
Make up: Carlos Hernández
Hair: Manolo García
Sound Designer: Pierre Lorraine, Polo Aledo.
Production Companies: Elias Querejeta Producciones Cinematográficas, Mediapro, Antena 3 Televisión

A city on the northern coast which turned its back on the countryside long ago and surrounded itself with industries which forced it to grow disproportionately, pushing and shoving, fed it with immigration and workers, and painted a horizon of chimneys, of problems and hopes, of future uprooting.
A group of men who walk its hilly streets every day, looking for life’s emergency exits. Long term fear, people who perform a balancing act at the end of the month and at the beginning too, performers without a net and without an audience, without applause at the end, who daily walk the tightrope of precarious employment, who prop up their existence with a scaffolding of hope, and convert their few happy moments into trenches, conversation, routine, as if the shipwreck from which they daily try to save themselves weren’t theirs, while they talk of their exploits and laugh, at everything and nothing in particular, full of hope, relaxed, on a Monday morning in the sun.