Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Una pistola en cada mano
Ricardo Darín… G.
Luis Tosar… L.
Javier Cámara… S.
Eduardo Noriega… P.
Ricardo Darín … G.
Leonor Watling … María
Candela Peña … Mamen
Cayetana Guillén Cuervo … Sara
Eduard Fernández … E
Leonardo Sbaraglia … J
Jordi Mollá … M
Alberto San Juan … A
Clara Segura … Elena
Ernest Villegas … Juan

Director: Cesc Gay
Producer: Marta Esteban
Scriptwriter: Cesc Gay - Tomàs Aragay
Cinematography: Andreu Rebés
Sound: Albert Gay - Ricard Casals – Kamikaze
Editor: Frank Gutiérrez
Make-up: Karol Tornaria
Production Designer: Sylvia Steinbrecht
Music: Jordi Prats
Eight men in their forties are caught up in everyday situations revealing their main conflict: a masculine identity crisis.

They all share feelings of bewilderment, and their behavior forms a mosaic of emotions men usually don't reveal.

J. is depressed and he is the perfect victim for psychoanalysis. E. has lost everything and now lives with his mother and his cat. S. two years later makes an attempt to win his ex-wife back. G with the help of drugs is trying to understand why his wife is having an affair. And the rest of his friends are doing their best with similar catastrophes...

Ordinary men in extraordinary situations are the protagonists of a comic and merciless portrait of men today.