Luis Tosar
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Cartel Mr. Nice
Rhys Ifans… Howard Marks
Chloë Sevigny… Judy Marks
David Thewlis… Jim McCann
Onmid Djalili… Saleem Makik
Luis Tosar… Lovato
Elsa Pataky… Ilze
Crispin Glover… Ernie Combs
Andrew Tiernan… Alan Marcuson
Jack Huston… Graham Plinston
Jamie Harris… Patrick Lane

Director: Bernard Rose
Screenplay: Bernard Rose
Producer: Luc Roeg
Original Music: Philip Glass
Cinematographer: Bernard Rose
Editor: Teresa Font and Bernard Rose
Casting Director: Alex Johnson
Line Producer: Max Gottlieb
Production Designer: Sonia Aranzabal and Tim Dickel
Costume Designer: Caroline Harris
Make up: Steff Roeg
Production Companies: Independent Film Company / Kanzaman Film Production

Born in Kenfig Hills, South Wales, Howard Marks always seemed destined for greater things. Charming and clever, he wins a place to study Physics at Oxford University. He soon discovers marijuana and a young girl, Ilze, whom he eventually marries. To make some money, he deals to his friends but one of them dies from a heroin overdose and he goes straight. The idea of instead leading a comfortable life as a teacher becomes unbearable, however, and Howard is soon tempted back into drug dealing. When Ilze leaves him for someone else, Howard’s career is revived after successfully bringing a car stuffed full of dope back from Germany. Howard has a child with his new partner, Judy, and he starts working with IRA leader, Jim McCann, bringing shipments over from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Around the same time, an old friend asks him to become a member of MI6. Howard then sets about cracking America, but is busted by the DEA. Extradited back to the UK, he skips bail and successfully disguises it as kidnap.

On the run, he starts dope smuggling again. He is arrested once more but beats the charges by performing grand perjury on a staggering scale. He can’t resist another big deal which ultimately goes wrong and leads to his arrest. Found guilty and betrayed by his associates, he is sentenced to 25 years in America’s toughest penitentiary. After seven years he is granted parole for exemplary behaviour and reunited with his family.

Mr Nice is based upon the international best seller which has sold almost one million copies worldwide.

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