Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Lope
Alberto Ammann… Lope de Vega
Leonor Watling…Isabel
Pilar López De Ayala… Elena Osorio
Antonio De La Torre… Juan de Vega
Juan Diego… Jerónimo Velázquez
Luis Tosar… Fray Bernardo
Selton Mello… Marqués de Navas
Ramón Pujol… Claudio
Sonia Braga… Paquita
Antonio Dechent… Salcedo
Jordi Dauder… Porres
Miguel Angel Muñoz… Tomás de Perrenot
Carla Nieto… María de Vega
Puchi Lagarde…Venancia
Héctor Colomé… Urbina

Director: Andrucha Waddington
Screenplay: Jordi Gasull, Ignacio Del Moral
Producers: Mercedes Gamero, Edmond Roch, Jordi Gasull and Andrucha Waddington
Original Music: Fernando Velázquez
Cinematographer: Ricardo Della Rosa
Editor: Sergio Mekler
Casting Directors: Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano
Line Producer: Tony Novella
Production Designer: Carlos Bodelón
Costume Designer: Tatiana Hernández
Make up: Martín Macías and Karmele Soler
Hair: Paco Rodríguez
Sound Designer: Jorge Saldanha
Production Companies: Antena 3 Films, El Toro Pictures, Iruku Films, Conspiraçao Filmes

A young soldier returns home from the war to 16th Century Madrid, a city under construction. Like so many young men, he wonders which road to take. As he struggles with his ambitions, he’s torn between the love of two women: one of them a liberal, successful businesswoman, the other a dreamer of noble origin. Along with love comes adventure, and as he discovers the true meaning of love, he’s pursued by the law, jailed, and threatened by hatchet men until he’s forced to hide out in the port of Lisbon, where the biggest naval fleet ever to set sail is about to take to the sea.
A story of love and adventure told in the present tense, about a young Lope de Vega who knew how to win hearts and tell stories like no one else.