Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Crebinsky
Miguel de Lira… Feodor
Sergio Zearreta… Mijail
Celso Bugallo… Farreiro
Patricia de Lorenzo… Loli
Luis Tosar… Commanding Officer
Yolanda Muíños
Farruco Castromán
Manuel Cortés
Pepe Soto
Oliver Schutz
Oli Bigalke
Roberto Sánchez "Luna"

Director: Enrique Otero
Screenplay: Enrique Otero, Miguel de Lira
Producers: Farruco Castromán and Luis Tosar (Zircozine), Enrique Otero (Control Z) and Miguel de Lira (Chévere Visión)
Original Music: Pablo Pérez
Cinematographer: Sergio Franco
Editor: J. R Lorenzo e Enrique Otero
Line Producers: Pilar Pérez Solano, Sergio Gil
Production Designer: Ángel Amaro, Fernanda Cuiña
Costume Designer: Carlos Alonso, Eva Camino
Make up: Susana Veira
Sound Designer: Xavier Souto
Production Companies: Zircozine / Control Z / Chévere Visión

Torrential rain causes the river to swell, flooding a village. The Crebinsky brothers and their cow miraculously save their lives when they are swept away by the current. They end up somewhere along the coast.

That is where they grow up, at the foot of a lighthouse. They survive collecting things that the sea brings: the ‘crebas’. Completely isolated from the military events that are taking place around them, they create their own world. A peculiar universe full of imaginative realism.
The normal rhythm of their lives with Muchka, their cow, is shattered when she disappears.

The brothers then start a desperate search that will take them from the coast to the interior.

A real road movie, an inner journey full of unexpected encounter, dark feelings and erased memories.

Not knowing where they are going to, they end up discovering where they come from.

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