Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel 18 comidas
Luis Tosar... Edu
Federico Pérez Rey... Tuto
Víctor Fábregas... Fran
Esperanza Pedreño... Sol
Gael Nodar Fernández... Gael
Mario Zorrilla... Teo
José María Pérez García... The Grandfather
María del Carmen Pereira Pena... The Grandmother
Pedro Alonso... Vladimir Torres
Nuncy Valcárcel... Rosana
Camila Bossa... Ana
Juan Carlos Vellido... Juan
José Barato... Lucas
Cristina Brondo... Nuria
Esteban Martínez... Carnicero
Milan Tocinovski... Spasek
Sergio Peris-Mencheta... Sergio
Víctor Clavijo... Víctor
María Vázquez... Mar
Ricardo de Barreiro... Nito
Xosé Manuel Olveira 'Pico'... Jose
Antonio Mourelos... Víctor
Luis Coira... Médico gaiteiro
Isabel Naveira... Laura

Director: Jorge Coira
Screenplay: Jorge Coira, Araceli Gonda and Diego Ameixeiras
Producers: Fernanda del Nido (Tic Tac Producciones), Luis Tosar and Farruco Castroman (Zircocine), Hugo Castro Fau (Lagarto Cine)
Original Music: Piti Sanz and Iván Laxe
Cinematographer: Brand Ferro (M.S.C)
Editor: Jorge Coira
Line Producer: María Liaño
Production Designer: Antonio Pereira
Costume Designer: Mariana Razzetti
Make up: Raquel Fidalgo
Sound Designer: Carlos Mouriño

1 busker who missed his chance to be happy a long time ago.
1 woman, married and with one kid, who still dreams of the busker.
1 Macedonian, lost in Santiago de Compostela.
2 friends who didn´t go to bed and want to stay drunk for the rest of the day.
1 man waiting for his beloved.
2 men who love each other.
1 man who doesn´t know that his brother loves another man.
1 girl invited to the wrong meal.
1 young woman who wants more than what she´s getting.
1 man who can´t give everything the young girl is asking him for.
1 man- on the day of his birthday- who´s dying for her to ask him to for just that.
2 sisters at loggerheads with each other because one of them wants to become a singer.
1 father and 1 son who are looking for a singer for their band.
2 old people who are eating together, in silence.

How to prepare it:

Leave the characters to soak for a day, stirring well until the different stories thicken and end up forming a thick and spongy mixture.

Season generously with a mix of drama and comedy, letting the ingredients soak up the other ingredients´ flavors.

Put in the oven and wait for those pieces of lives that are not ours, but that could be, to cook gently.

Dress with laughter and tears and, finally, serve on a good table so that anyone who wants to can spend one and half hour tasting and enjoying these 18 meals.

Bon appetit.

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