Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Casual Day
Juan Diego… José Antonio
Javier Ríos… Ruy
Luis Tosar… Cholo
Estíbaliz Gabilondo… Marta
Arturo Valls… Morales
Alberto San Juan… Psychologist
Malena Alterio… Bea
Álex Angulo… Arozamena
Carlos Kaniowsky… Velasco
Secun de la Rosa… Almarcegui
Marta Etura… Inés

Director: Max Lemcke.
Screenplay: Pablo Remón, Daniel Remón.
Producers: Iker Monfort, ÁlvaroAugustin.
Original Music: Pierre Omer.
Cinematographer: Javier Palacios.
Editors: Pite Piñas, Laurent Dufreche.
Line Producer: Guadalupe Balaguer
Production Designer: Juanjo Gracia.
Costume Designer: Mónica Cristofolleti.
Make up: Ainhoa Eskisabel
Hair: Olga Cruz
Sound Designer: Nacho Royo
Production Company: Montfort Producciones

Imported to Spain from the USA, Casual Day is a company practice in which the employer tries to improve interpersonal relationships among employees and improve performance by allowing them to exchange their suits for casual attire on the last day of the work week. Some companies even go so far as to organize day trips or other less conventional activities to help keep morale high. Up to this point in his life, Ruy has never really had to answer to anyone; now it appears that those carefree days might be nearing an end. Ruy's girlfriend's father José has hand selected the quick thinking twenty-five year old for the most important job in the whole company. Retirement is drawing near for José, and when that day finally comes he wants Ruy to take over the business. But despite the fact that Ruy isn't sure he's ready to accept that kind of responsibility at this point in his life, rejecting José's offer could jeopardize his relationship with his devoted girlfriend Inés and perhaps his entire future. Now, as Ruy and his co-workers board the bus for what was supposed to be a simple trip into the country, the crushing weight of responsibility suddenly turns a carefree outing into a monumental exercise in life decision-making.