Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Flores de otro mundo
Luis Tosar… Damián
Lissete Mejía... Patricia
José Sancho… Carmelo
Marilyn Torres… Milady
Chete Lera... Alfonso
Elena Irureta... Marirrosi
Rubén Ochandiano... Oscar

Director: Iciar Bollain
Screenplay: Iciar Bollain and Julio Llamazares
Producers: Santiago García de Leániz y Enrique González Macho
Original Music: Pascal Gaigne
Cinematographer: Teo Delgado
Editor: Ángel Hernández Zoido
Casting Director: Manuel Martín Cuenca
Line Producer: Pizca Gutiérrez
Production Designer: Josune Lasa
Costume Designer: Teresa Mora
Make up: Lola López
Hair: Ione Gabarain
Sound Designer: Agustín Peinado, Pelayo Gutiérrez y Alfonso Pino
Production Companies: Producciones LA IGUANA s.l. and ALTA FILMS S.A.

Patricia, a woman from Dominican Republic, needs a home and an economic security that her illegal status in Madrid does not provide her.

Milady, twenty, born in Havana and dying to travel the world.

Marirosi has a job, a home, and the most complete solitude...

...just like Alfonso, Damián and Carmelo, men from the St. Eulalia, a village lacking both marrying women and future.
A bachelors’ party forces the encounter between them and the beginning of this bittersweet story of sharing a living.

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