Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Las vidas de Celia
Najwa Nimri… Celia
Luis Tosar… Miguel Ángel
Daniel Giménez Cacho… Agustín
Aida Folch… Ángela
Àlex Casanovas… Jaime
Mentxu Romero… Carmen
Javier Díaz… Pedro
Jimena Ayala… Melany
Nora Navas… Marta
Pep Ricard… Cervantes

Director: Antonio Chavarrías
Screenplay: Antonio Chavarrías
Producer: Antonio Chavarrías
Original Music: Fernando Corona
Cinematographer: Guillermo Granillo
Editor: Anastasi Rinos
Line Producer: Oriol Maymó
Production Designer: Maite Sánchez
Costume Designer: Montse Garre
Make up: María José Martínez
Sound Designer: Albert Manera
Production Company: Oberón Cinematográfica

At the end of a party night, Celia (Najwa Nimri) fails in her suicide attempt in railroad track. Her life won’t be the same anymore. At the same time, in a close place, a young woman is rapped and murdered. A policeman, Miguel Ángel (Luis Tosar), starts to investigate the case. His investigation will reach to Celia and Agustín (Daniel Giménez Cacho), her husband. Also to Celia’s sisters: Carmen (Mentxu Romero) and Ángela (Aida Folch).
Celia remembers neither her suicide attempt nor the reasons that took her to do it. She feels she has two personalities. She is coexisting with madness and her efforts to be sane again. Miguel Ángel is more and more close to Celia’s familiar environment. But he really suspects of Agustín, Celia’s husband.
Also Miguel Ángel has personal problems that make him be to the borderline of the law. He focuses his own frustration in this investigation through Celia’s mental and emotional instability.

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