Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel La noche del hermano
Jan Cornet ... Jaime
María Vázquez ... Maria
Pablo Rivero ... Álex
Icíar Bollaín ... Julia
Joan Dalmau ... The Grandfather
Luis Tosar ... Lorenzo
José Ángel Egido ... Boluda
Antonio de la Torre ... Mayor
Félix Cubero ... Policeman
Elisabet Gelabert ... Marta
Marilyn Torres ... Waitress disco
Pedro Alonso ... Doorman disco
José Ramón Guisado ... Jeweler
Cayetano Rivera Rocamora ... Notary
Silvia de Pé ... Nurse
Pepe Ocio ... Receptionist
Víctor Duplá ... Photographer

Director: Santiago García De Leániz
Screenplay: Santiago García De Leániz, Tatiana Rodríguez, Josep Bonet
Producers: Santiago García De Leániz, Enrique González Macho
Original Music: Eva Gancedo
Cinematographer: Carles Gusi
Editor: Ángel Hernández Zoido
Casting Director: Pizca Gutiérrez
Line Producer: Pizca Gutiérrez
Production Designer: Mara Matey
Costume Designer: Josune Lasa
Make up and hair: Ana Ribacoba
Sound designer: Pelayo Gutiérrez
Production Companies: LA IGUANA, ALTA PRODUCCIÓN

Jaime is a young man emerging from an adolescence brutally shaken by the crime carried out by his older brother, Alex.
Jaime now lives at his grandfather’s house and has to start making decisions in an adult world he does not feel a part of: whether to take on the still productive land he has inherited, whether to accept the purchase offer from land developers. In a word, to face life head-on. Strong and dominating over the landscape of his brother’s consciousness, Alex shines a light like a beacon from jail demanding his share.
The Night of the Brother (“La Noche del Hermano”) is a chiaroscuro tale in which the characters’ not always explicit feelings run, through the thin line between love and fear, the gamut from darkness to light. Because the events of life are often less astonishing than the way they are shown to us.

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