Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel La vida que te espera
Juan Diego… Gildo
Luis Tosar… Rai
Marta Etura… Val
Clara Lago… Genia
Celso Bugallo… Severo
Víctor Clavijo… Parrondo
Xosé M. Oliveira… Parish priest
José Luis Bernal… Marino
Rei Chao… Rafael
Alfonso Agra… Paco
Rosa Álvarez… Milagros

Director: Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
Screenplay: Ángeles González-Sinde
Producer: Gerardo Herrero, Pancho Casal
Original Music: Xavier Capellas
Cinematographer: Gonzalo Berridi
Editor: José Salcedo
Line Producer: Josean Gómez
Production Designer: Félix Murcia
Costume Designer: Estíbaliz Markiegi
Make up: Almudena Fonseca
Hair: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Sound Designer: Mark Van Der Willigen
Production Company: Tornasol Films

A fight over the calf of a prize milk cow in the close-knit and traditional Pas Valley of Cantabria leaves a cantankerous dairy farmer dead and another fearful of arrest. He and his daughter Val conspire to keep the cause of death quiet, but tensions mount when Val becomes attracted to the dead farmer's son, Rai, estranged from his father and now a hairdresser in the city. The tensions open long-festering family resentments and spur the lurid imagination of Val's younger sister, the teen Genia. "What goes unsaid, gets undone," the Pasiegos say, but is it true? Is there harm in staying silent?