Luis Tosar
Versión en español
Cartel Inconscientes
Leonor Watling… Alma
Luis Tosar… Salvador
Alex Brendemühl… León
Mercedes Sampietro… Mrs. Mingarro
Nuria Prims… Olivia
Ana Rayo… Pastora
Juanjo Puigcorbé… Dr. Mira

Director: Joaquín Oristrell
Screenplay: Joaquín Oristrell, Teresa de Pelegrí, Dominic Harari
Producer: Gerardo Herrero
Original Music: Sergio Moure
Cinematographer: Jaume Peracaula
Editor: Miguel Ángel Santamaría
Line Producer: Jordi Berenguer
Production Designer: Llorenç Miquel
Costume Designer: Sabine Daigeler
Sound Designer: Diego Garrido
Production Company: Tornasol Films

An expectant, ultra-modern mother living in 1913 Barcelona is thrust into a complex and labyrinthine mystery when her psychiatrist husband goes missing and she is forced to seek the help of her conservative brother-in-law in locating her missing spouse in director Joaquin Oristrell's Freudian period comedy. Alma is a modern woman of very modern means; her father Spain's foremost neurosurgeon and her husband, Leon, a devoted follower of controversial Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. After arriving home one summer afternoon to find her tearful husband mumbling incoherent words of woe, Alma's life is turned upside down when Leon suddenly disappears. With no one else to turn to than her lovelorn brother-in-law Salvador -- likewise a psychiatrist who secretly pines for Alma despite being married to her sister -- Alma's discovery of a strange manuscript on hysteria and female sexuality proves the launching point for a tireless quest to locate her missing husband and discover the true meaning behind his inexplicable disappearance.